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Volunteer Work on Barpak Village During Earthquake in nepal

Hundreds of villages in the central Nepalese district of Gorkha were among the hardest hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the country on Saturday. The remote and mountainous region, home to an estimated 270,000 people, is struggling to evacuate survivors, with rescue efforts hampered by landslides.

On Monday, Our Himalaya Safety Treks and expedtiton family arrived in the district’s main village, also called barpak. Under normal circumstances the outlying villages are one or two days’ walk from the government headquarters, but many have been cut off by the quake. Local officials coordinating the relief effort need help, but do not know how or from whom to get it.
We volunteered around 5-6 Days in barpak village providing them foods temporary shelter and first aid things.

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